Manning Cabin

In 1904, Levi Manning and family homesteaded 160 acres atop the Rincon Mountains, in what would later become Saguaro National Park. Manning, a local businessman, rancher, and the Mayor of Tucson, established a log cabin on the site to serve as a summer retreat from the heat of Tucson. Guests were treated to cool mountain scenery and even live music played on the piano that was hauled over a rugged wagon road from the Rincon Valley. The family used the cabin until 1907, when the Rincon Mountains were incorporated into Coronado National Forest, and later Saguaro National Park. Except for a brief period in the mid-20th century, the cabin has served as temporary home for generations of trail crews, fire guards, biological researchers, and backcountry rangers. Though the cabin has been repaired and refurbished many times, it maintains the same layout and character as when first constructed by Levi Manning, providing a tangible link to the homesteaders of the territorial era. In recognition of it's historic significance, Manning Cabin is on the National Register of Historic Places.