Highlights from the Rio Rico and Chico Workshops:
session held at the annual meeting of the George Wright Society
St. Paul, MN, April 16-20, 2007

The general goal of this session was to present the ideas generated from the Rio Rico Workshop and Chico Workshop on integration of science and management. An additional discussion session was held at this meeting to discuss ideas relating to thresholds and assessment points (see papers). Many of the ideas were also synthesized in a thematic issue of the George Wright Forum on integrating science and management.

The following papers were presented at this workshop:


Bruce B. Bingham
NPS I&M, Intermountain Region

Shawn L. Carter
NPS, National Capitol Region.

Kerrie Cahill
NPS, Denver Service Center
Planning Branch

Ben Bobowski
NPS, Grant-Kohrs Ranch N.H.S.

Tom Olliff
NPS, Yellowstone N.P.

Robert E. Bennetts
NPS, Southern Plains Network