Workshop held at Rio Rico, Arizona
December 6-8, 2005

The general goal of this workshop was to gain a better understanding of how we can most effectively integrate vital signs monitoring into park management within the Intermountain Region. The primary target participants were IMR Park Superintendents, NR Program Managers, and I&M Networks. Other participants included WASO and Regional staff, and invited scientists from other agencies and Universities with experience in natural resource monitoring.
The following papers were presented at this workshop:


Bruce B. Bingham
NPS I&M, Intermountain Region

Tom Olliff
NPS, Yellowstone N.P.

Robert E. Bennetts
NPS, Greater Yellowstone Network

Todd Lookingbill et. al
University of Maryland
Center for Environmental Science

Steve Fancy
NPS, I&M Program, WASO

Theresa Mau-Crimmins and Steven Garman
NPS, Sonoran Desert Network
Northern Colorado Plateau Network

Ellen Porter
NPS, Air Resources Division