Water harvesting demonstration sites
Project Type:  Outreach & Education
Project Status:  Ongoing

Water harvesting is the process of diverting, collecting, and storing rainwater from surface runoff and effectively using the water for beneficial purposes. Water harvesting is an ancient technique that is regaining popularity due to its simplicity and effectiveness. Water harvesting can be either passive or active. Passive systems simply modify the existing landscape and capture or redirect water through gravity alone. Active systems collect rainwater for temporary storage, and require a person to direct the flow where it is needed (for example, via turning on a spigot/hose from a rain barrel).

The purpose of these demonstration sites is to showcase various forms of water harvesting that are managed by different agencies or private entities (federal, state, and private land, including a school and a working ranch) in both urban and rural settings, and in the United States as well as Mexico. We hope these demonstrations illustrate that water harvesting is simple and effective in just about any setting.

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