Walnut Canyon National Monument

Walnut Canyon National Monument was established to protect ancient cliff dwellings and associated cultural and natural resources. Within the monument, located east of Flagstaff in north-central Arizona, ecological communities overlap to create a rare compression of plant and animal communities. The monument and its surrounding lands contain hundreds of archeological sites dating mostly from 1000-early 1200s A.D. The sites are the remains of the Sinagua culture and include multi-room residential sites (both cliff dwellings and open-air pueblos), agricultural fields, rock art, and quarries. Walnut Canyon supports a diversity of plants and animals, including large ungulates, large predators (mountain lions and black bear), and numerous raptors (e.g., Mexican spotted owl, peregrine falcon, and northern goshawk).

  Walnut Canyon National Monument is also part of the American Southwest Virtual Museum, a digital repository of photographs, maps, information, and virtual tours.