Coronado National Memorial

Coronado National Memorial is the only National Park Service unit that commemorates the Francisco Vásquez de Coronado Expedition of 1540–1542. The park was created not to protect artifacts related to the expedition, but rather to allow visitors to reflect upon the impact the Coronado Entrada had in shaping the southwestern U.S. The location was chosen for the panoramic views of the the route believed to have been taken by Coronado. This 4,750-acre park protects the Montezuma Canyon watershed, which drains most of the memorial into the San Pedro River to the east. Located near the center of the Sky Island bioregion (at the juncture of four major biogeographic provinces), Coronado NMem preserves a rich biological and geological diversity.

  Coronado National Memorial is also part of the American Southwest Virtual Museum, a digital repository of photographs, maps, information, and virtual tours.