Bandelier National Monument

Bandelier National Monument (NM) is located in northcentral New Mexico along the eastern side of the Jemez Mountains. It was designated as a national monument in 1916 for its Ancient Puebloan resources. Dwelling remains (from 1100-1600 A.D.) include homes and granaries carved out of small caves and alcoves formed along the side walls of the region’s canyon. In addition to its valuable cultural resources, it contains natural and wilderness resources, with 70% of the monument being designated wilderness. The vast majority of the park is managed as backcountry, and more than half of the trails are part of the National Trail System. The monument’s water resources include a number of springs and streams, as well as the Rio Grande River. The only endemic amphibian on the Colorado Plateau, the Jemez Mountains salamander, occurs here. Being nearly surrounded by federal lands and a private preserve, the area comprises a relatively intact landscape.

  Bandelier National Monument is also part of the American Southwest Virtual Museum, a digital repository of photographs, maps, information, and virtual tours.