Aztec Ruins National Monument

Aztec Ruins NM, near the city of Aztec in northwestern New Mexico, was established in 1923. The site includes the remains of an Ancestral Puebloan culture, which was misidentified by early European explorers as relics from the 15th century Aztec civilization of central Mexico. The dwellings at Aztec Ruins were built by Ancestral Puebloans from the Chaco period (900-1150 A.D.). The ruins include several “great houses” (or multi-story buildings), small residential pueblos, tri-wall kivas, great kivas, road segments, and earthworks. Around 1150 A.D. the site was abandoned, but later (~1200-1300 A.D.) used again by other Ancestral Puebloans. The site was designated as a World Heritage Site in 1987.