Learning Center of the American Southwest

Preserving Natural & Cultural Resources Through Science & Education

Exploring relationships between people and nature across the Southern Plains
Recently completed vegetation maps will provide baseline ecological data for park resource managers
Growing our knowledge about vegetation and soils
First year of monitoring reveals 40 species of exotic, non-native plants
Dramatic LiDAR images provide the basis for studying how dunes change over time
Teaching kids about native plants and habitat restoration at Montezuma Castle NM

Who we are

The Learning Center of the American Southwest (LCAS) is a partnership dedicated to understanding and preserving the unique resources of the American Southwest through science and education. This web site delivers information about the natural and cultural resources of the region and about scientific activities underway. The primary focus of the Learning Center is to present the results of research and monitoring to land managers, students, researchers, policy makers, and the interested public, and to promote mission-oriented research within the region. The Learning Center covers forty-eight parks and protected areas across seven states. Learn more about the cultural and natural resources of the American Southwest, go directly to one of our parks, or browse our many projects and products with the menus on the left.

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